If you would like to join our club you must fill out and return the New Member Application OR bring the completed application to a club meeting. Meetings are generally held the second Saturday of the month at 11 AM at the field. Check the website for any changes to time or location. Read on to learn the details.

Members who enjoy FULL privileges shall be known as ADULT MEMBERS or, if less than 18 years of age, shall be known as JUNIOR MEMBERS.

A full member must become a (insured) member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) with a current member card (number).  Click here to view AMA information and online AMA application form.  Visit the AMA National Website for other information.

Please be aware that the club restricts turbine. We follow the AMA Sound Guidelines, found here: AMA Sound/Noise Abatement.

Prospective members should attend one general meeting for the purpose of introduction and to receive (or present) an application form. (Monthly meetings are typically held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 11:00AM at the Field – check the website) After the application is complete, a vote will be taken of club members present to approve or deny your application. The club must approve the application by at least seventy-five (75) percent of the members in attendance. ANY dissenting votes must be explained. At that time, the new full member is eligible to receive their membership cards (badges) and gate key. (See also, ‘Qualifications for Flyers’ in the Flying Rules) Badges generally made available by the Treasurer for pickup at a regular club meeting.

Initiation, assessment, and membership dues (prorated if necessary) are due and payable at this time. Hardship cases may be taken up with the board and an acceptable method of payment must be agreed upon.

A JUNIOR MEMBER will pay one half (l/2) the regular adult dues. Upon becoming 18 years of age, JUNIOR MEMBERS must apply for ADULT MEMBERSHIP and thereafter pay full dues. A JUNIOR MEMBER shall not pay initiation fees upon becoming an ADULT MEMBER.

Spouse and/or dependent children of ADULT MEMBERS shall be known as ASSOCIATE MEMBERS and the following conditions shall apply:
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS may attend meetings and participate in club activities with the following exceptions: ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall not pay initiation fees or dues, shall not fly model airplanes, and shall not hold office or vote.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS may apply for full ADULT or JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP without paying any initiation fee. In order to become Full members, Associate members MUST present proof of AMA membership, but will not be required to pay club dues.

New members

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Renewing Members

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