Board of Directors

(Eight members include seven voting Officers and Directors)


President Mike Pimentel (510) 396-6271 [email protected]
Vice President Jim Weiss (510) 303-7677 [email protected]
Treasurer Burt Rosensweig (650) 504-4981 [email protected]
Secretary Laurence Boag (510) 514-3169 [email protected]


Past Pres/Director N/A [email protected]
Director at Large Harry Kart (650) 365-2404 [email protected]
Director at Large Larry Yannes (415) 999-8601 [email protected]
Director at Large Art Vargas (510) 792-0298 [email protected]

Webmaster & Newsletter Editor

(Non-voting Member of the Board)

Webmaster Jeff Whitney (510) 861-3214 [email protected]

Club Field Marshal

Field Marshal vacant

Safety Officers

Safety Officer Burt Rosensweig (650) 504-4981 [email protected]
Safety Officer vacant