7-20-2002 Field Work Party - "Rolling Out The Green"

07-20-02halfdone.jpg (64547 bytes)
Miles of Hot, Black Plastic - Case Photo
07-20-02Stompers.jpg (66018 bytes)
The Short Order Drills were absolutely breathtaking - Case Photo
07-20-02muthertruckers.jpg (63460 bytes)
 "The Don" worked the lifter all day long - Case Photo
07-20-02painters.jpg (70466 bytes)
Green, I say paint everything green! - Case Photo
07-20-02Rollers.jpg (72388 bytes)
Don, Butch, Jeff, Art and more..... Case Photo
07-20-02Seamers.jpg (72204 bytes)
Olympic Ironing, much like Curling - Case Photo
07-20-02talkers.jpg (56145 bytes)
Strategy Session (when is lunch?) - Case Photo
07-20-02Rollerss.jpg (72086 bytes)
Put your backs into it men!
07-20-02astroturf.jpg (55058 bytes)
With over 2/3rds done it was time to quit for the day. Thank you to all who came out on Saturday and Sunday. Happy Birthday Chuck Bailey. - Case Photo