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The SACRC Constitution and Bylaws was approved at the February Club General Meeting. Please click on the link below to view the approved document.

Constitution and Bylaws

Joining our Club

SACRC Flying Rules

Located on the East Side of the San Francisco, California Bay Area, SACRC was first incorporated in 1967 and holds AMA Club Charter #162.

Like many clubs across the country we have lost a few sites over the years but we would like to think that we have been upgrading.

Your membership decision would not be complete without a visit to our flying field on a sunny weekend.

If you are a prospective member you should attend one of our friendly, monthly membership meetings for coffee, donuts, camaraderie, and the always informative show andtell.

Meetings are generally held the 2nd Saturday of the month at the field at 11AM. Please check the main web page for verification of time and location.

SACRC Lou Haynie Memorial Flying Field

Courtesy of Erwin Grass
SACRC Aerial Field.jpg (289034 bytes)
Courtesy of Arnel Realin

SACRC Lou Haynie Memorial Field is nestled between the Dumbarton and San Mateo Bridge near HWY 880 and the Alvarado Niles Rd Exit.

Coming from the South or the North on HWY 880 take the Alvarado Niles Rd exit:

Exit onto Alvarado Niles Rd and head west to Smith St and on to Union City Boulevard. Turn right (North) on Union City Boulevard and move into the left lane for a turn.

Turn left (West) on Bettencourt and then go straight ahead to a "T" at the end of the road.

Turn left at the T -- (Whipple Ave.) and follow it as it winds around. Whipple will become Benson as it goes around a bend.

Enter the chain-link fence/gate at a horse pasture on the left, just before entering the Union City Waste Treatment Plant.

Follow the gravel road across 2 bridges - at the buildings take a HARD RIGHT.

Pictures show the view along the way.

Courtesy Butch Case 2001
Courtesy Butch Case 2001

he gate must be closed at ALL times 365 days out of the year!

Courtesy Butch Case 2001

Happy Cows live in California and Fly Radio Control Aircraft 300 days a year!

Courtesy Butch Case 2001

The drive eventually makes 2 hard rights

Courtesy Arnel Realin 2002
SACRC Aerial Field.jpg (289034 bytes)
2003 Aerial View of Flying field

Courtesy Butch Case 2002

A View From Behind the Flightline "up" the runway in to the wind.

Courtesy Butch Case 2002

Director of Communications (Editor and Webmaster) on the runway for scale.

Courtesy Butch Case 2002

Only Full _ Current Members are allowed a key for the gate lock.

Important Note!
These are the rules!
Please remember to close the gates on your way in to the field as well as on your way out. Last one out please lock the gates

Multiple locks are used (by different organizations) for access to this property
so please!




Joining our club


If you would like to join our club you must fill out and return the New Member Application OR bring the completed application to a club meeting. Meetings are generally held the second Saturday of the month at 11 AM at the field. Check the website for any changes to time or location. Read on to learn the details.

Members who enjoy FULL privileges shall be known as ADULT MEMBERS or, if less than 19 years of age, shall be known as JUNIOR MEMBERS.

A full member must become a (insured) member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) with a current member card (number).

Prospective members must attend one general meeting for the purpose of introduction and to receive (or present) an application form. (Monthly meetings are typically held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 11:00AM at the Field - check the website) After the application is complete, a vote will be taken of club members present to approve or deny your application. The club must approve the application by at least seventy-five (75) percent of the members in attendance. ANY dissenting votes must be explained. At that time, the new full member is eligible to receive their membership cards (badges) and gate key. (See also, 'Qualifications for Flyers' in the Flying Rules) Badges and gate keys are generally made available by the Treasurer for pickup at a regular club meeting. If a gate key is not provided at a regular meeting, a $5.00 fee (for cost)may be paid to the Treasurer to have it delivered to the member by mail.

Initiation, assessment, and membership dues (prorated if necessary) are due and payable at this time. Hardship cases may be taken up with the board and an acceptable method of payment must be agreed upon.

A JUNIOR MEMBER will pay one half (l/2) the regular adult dues. Upon becoming 19 years of age, JUNIOR MEMBERS must apply for ADULT MEMBERSHIP and thereafter pay full dues. A JUNIOR MEMBER shall not pay initiation fees upon becoming an ADULT MEMBER.

Spouse and/or dependent children of ADULT MEMBERS shall be known as ASSOCIATE MEMBERS and the following conditions shall apply:
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS may attend meetings and participate in club activities with the following exceptions: ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall not pay initiation fees or dues, shall not fly model airplanes, and shall not hold office or vote.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS may apply for full ADULT or JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP without paying any initiation fee. In order to become Full members, Associate members MUST present proof of AMA membership, but will not be required to pay club dues.

Annual Membership Fees: New Members annual fee will be prorated for the remaining months of the year

Single, Full PRIMARY ADULT (19 and over) $ 65.00
Single, Full PRIMARY JUNIOR (under 19) $ 30.00
Annual Family Membership Fee $ 100.00
New Member Initiation Fee (one time charge) Waived
New Field Assessment Fee (one time charge) $ 100.00
Non Flying Newsletter Only Member $ 10.00

Click here to view AMA information and online AMA application form.

Note: AMA online membership application and other information at the AMA National Website can also be accessed from the AMA Information menu to the left of this page.

Click here to view the Application Form for New Members.

Click here here the Renewal Form for Returning Members.

Click here to view our Flying Rules.

We are proud of our club, its esteemed members and long history. Please take a look around this website, and feel free to inquire with any questions -- but in all honesty you should try to attend a meeting or visit the flying field at your first opportunity.